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The Gift of Joy

In the Chinese culture, red envelopes are given at the New Year and other celebrations as well wishes of happiness and prosperity. The money kept safely inside is meant to be saved for something special, something meaningful.
In 2020, we needed something joyful in our lives. What better, we thought, then our very first dog! After a long search, we found our Addie. Her adoption fee was cash only, and we knew exactly where we would find the money. We excitedly ran home to empty our red envelopes from celebrations past, and with that, Addie was finally ours.

It continues to feel so fitting to have used our families and friends’ gifts for a bright future on the sweet girl that has filled our home with endless love, happiness, and snuggles. We are forever grateful. It only feels right to give back what was given to us.
Growing up in the hospitality world, we’ve always had a passion for providing comfort and joy to others…like the way a thoughtfully crafted cup of coffee can silence the most hectic mornings, refresh your senses, and be as comforting as an old friend.
We are once again emptying our red envelopes in the hopes of bringing some comfort and happiness into the lives (or cups) of our extended family. That’s you! 

We invite you to pull up a chair, grab a mug, and savor the delicious blends Red Envelope Coffees has to offer. Here’s to wishing you a happy and prosperous future!


The Coffee Shop

Coming Soon

Mobile Coffee Shop

What’s better than having Red Envelope Coffees delivered right to your door? How about picking up a cup of your favorite roast out in the wild?!

We built a custom coffee trailer to do just that. We will be bringing our delicious drip coffee, espresso, specialty syrups, scrumptious teas, and more to the streets of Frederick.

Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.

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We Are All About Sharing Happiness

There is no happiness in profiting from exploitation

That is why we use beans that are direct trade/fair trade/organic certified only. These certifications are trusted to ensure fair wages and treatment for our environmentally conscious farmers.

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