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Donna Luke, Founder 

The hospitality industry isn’t just familiar to me, it’s in my blood. I initially learned the ropes from my Grandfather and Uncles, and then earned my B.S. degree in Hospitality from NYU. I thought, what better way for me to grow in the industry than directly from some of New York’s own prime restaurants. I remember how amazed I was standing in the kitchen listening to the clanging of pots and rhythmic chopping of knives. I was hypnotized by the busy feet zooming past while effortlessly balancing heaping trays of entrees. The whole place was abuzz in perfectly synchronized chaos. If I closed my eyes, I would have sworn I was at the symphony. That was it. I was hooked for life. 

So, how did my knowledge and passion for hospitality lead to coffee? Excellent question. Coffee has always brought me joy. It’s that old friend that knows you so well you don’t need to put up any fronts. A warm cup of deliciousness offering you a moment of silence and comfort. 

In a way, no one is more hospitable than coffee. So when searching for a new challenge, I knew right where to start. Combining my depth of experience and knowledge in the hospitality/culinary industry with my passion for finding moments of joy in an uncertain world. After a long and rewarding journey of hands-on learning, responsibly sourcing our beans, partnering with an expert roaster, creating unique flavor profiles, and of course, adopting our beloved pups, the next chapter begins.

We are now the proud conductors of our very own symphony and couldn’t be more excited to share Red Envelope Coffees with you. 

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Addie, Quality Assurance 

Adopted 5.21.2020 

We may have emptied our red envelopes for our Addie, but our hearts have never been fuller. She boasts the cutest face, the sweetest personality, and specializes at flashing those heart melting puppy eyes. She is too smart for her own good, and uses her wit to incessantly tease her little sister, Kinzie. 

FAVORITE COFFEE: Cream and sugar in a medium roast with nougat and brown sugar


Kinzie, Director of HR

Adopted 4.26.2022 

Kinzie is the happiest dog there is, and she will prove it by showering you with endless kisses. The very definition of a goof ball, she knows exactly how to rile up her beloved big sister. Another favored pastime is barking at her own picture in the hopes it will come to life and play with her.

FAVORITE COFFEE: An earthy Sumatra with black tea notes, served black


The Coffee Shop

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