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The Coffee Shop

We hope you enjoy our unique blends as much as we do. And, we are proud to say we only use beans that are ethically and responsibly sourced. We have taken the time to seek out the best beans and a local roaster who believes in the same sustainable, ethical business practices we do.

Did You Know

Coffee is a huge international commodity that is increasingly growing in popularity. This means that prices swing on demand and availability, not based on quality. This model constantly presses growers to produce for the lowest possible price and leads to an increase in forced labor, child labor, and farmers who can’t provide for their families. This is not ok.

We believe that to be happy, you must share happiness and there is no happiness in profiting from exploitation. That is why we are very careful to use beans that have Direct trade, Fair trade, or Organic certifications only. We trust these certifications to ensure that our supply chain provides the growers with living wages by paying a fair value for their beans.

Worldwide demand for lower coffee prices has also forced many farmers to become sun-grown farms and abandon the environmentally sustainable practice of shade-growing. The practice of sun-growing destroys native animal habitats and increases the need for dangerous chemical pesticides that deplete the nutrients in the soil.  

We can make a difference by not supporting these unethical and unsustainable practices.

This is why we work with a local roaster, River Bottom Roasters. They directly support the farmers who grow our beans, and pay them a fair, livable wage for their hard work. Without their knowledge, skill, and expertise, our coffee wouldn’t have that rich, smooth taste our customers have come to enjoy. 

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The Addie Blend

The Addie Blend boasts a creamy, medium body.  This roast features notes of dark chocolate, nougat, and tropical fruit. This is the perfect everyday blend for that classic warm, comforting cup of coffee that makes getting out of bed in the morning worth it. Addie highly recommends you give it a try!

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We Are All About Sharing Happiness

There is no happiness in profiting from exploitation

That is why we use beans that are direct trade/fair trade/organic certified only. These certifications are trusted to ensure fair wages and treatment for our environmentally conscious farmers.

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